“Information” is the power of planning and supporting materialization of executive goals, the quick and easy access to information is considered as one of the key implements of management, this ability in today’s city life of the information era, shall be on the one hand an undeniable requirement of our living, and on the other hand an informed manager would have a greater power to manage a city and the citizens may have the opportunity to participate in the city’s affairs, however, it is necessary to pay careful attention to this fact, that the collection of information without having a specific purpose and without an efficient classification may result in accumulation of figures and statistics which involves a great deal of money to be spent for maintaining such information. The updating of information is another aspect of this process which would generate further charges for the system if a precise responsive structure to administrative and executive system is not existing, taking above points into consideration, a Data Bank Book of Tehran Municipality Dist-15 is included in the agenda of municipality. The vast area of the district as well as the variety and diversity of its texture within the limits and boundaries show that the city management of this district must have by means of information, more control and monitoring on the events which are happening at the area of its responsibilities. Based on the requirement of management and expert’s opinion of the district municipality, the Data Bank of the District must in addition to general view of the district’s characteristics, (demographics, economics and the likes), be able to present the information required for general planning as well as the specific information needed for the management of municipality. The data bank of Tehran contains most of the annual maps, Golden Book and First Book as well as the experiences of some districts such as district-4 which have tried to prepare and to publish such a data bank, these experiences will be used as a good model for teaching and presenting a new and better method.


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شهردار منطقه 15 تهران